Prompt Pay

Securely accept payments from citizens

Prompt Pay allows government employees to send a prepopulated payment link by SMS text message and/or email to citizens, which eliminates over the phone or fax payment processing.

Prompt Pay improves the secure handling of electronic payment information (PCI compliance), modernizing the user’s experience when interacting with government employees and reducing the workload of their customer service clerks.

Here's how it works:

person icon with phone headset over ears

Email/Text message generation

A clerk or customer service representative generates a service description and custom customer message to be sent by the application to the citizen.

text message bubbles

Customer receives email/text message

The customer trusts the email because it contains clerk and agency information, contact details, invoice/permit number, description and the correct amount.

dollar sign inside of circle with arrows

Customer clicks the link and the payment page will be displayed

Prompt Pay will display the amount and description of the service they need to pay. Customer can make a selection from the offered payment methods then.

cellphone icon with arrows pointing in different directions

Return after payment

The citizen will be returned to a government entity landing page and a receipt will be delivered to the citizen to provide confirmation of their action.

globe icon with arrows around it


Clerks or customer service representative will receive a transaction status update which will be displayed in your dashboard.

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