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Getting Started

 You need permission from the Idaho Department of Finance to use this site. For access, please call (208) 332-8002 or email
 This is not a Company License Renewal. You can download the renewal application for your Idaho company license from the DOF website annually beginning in January. NMLS licensees can renew annually beginning in November through the NMLS website.

Here you can

  • File your annual or quarterly report
  • Add or remove agents from your roster
  • Pay applicable fees by credit or debit card, checking account or voucher.

You will need

  • Your username and password
  • A list of agents you need to add or remove
  • A list of all registered branch locations and addresses

Please Note

If 100 or more agents are to be added during any quarterly filing or annual renewal filing period, you must request a Batch Upload Spreadsheet from the Department via email at Completed Batch Upload Spreadsheets must be submitted via email to by the quarterly due dates of June 15, September 15 and December 15. If 100 or more agents are to be added during the annual agent renewal filing due March 15, the added agents must be filed by using the Batch Upload Spreadsheet. Renewals and deletions will be completed through your regular Access Idaho filing.