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Getting Started

This service monitors the Idaho Secretary of State's database daily for new filings, alerting you to changes to your business identity. One year of monitoring services is $3.00 per business entity.

Here you can

  • Sign up for notifications when a new filing is made to your monitored business entity (2 email addresses, 1 text number)
  • Build and manage a portfolio of businesses to monitor
  • Monitored changes include: business name, address, status, type, officers, and annual report
  • Receive warnings if a company's annual report was not filed, before the company is dissolved
  • Businesses available for monitoring include those with the current status of: good-standing, existing, current, and admin dissolved

You will need

  • Your business entity name, organizational ID or filing number
  • Your email address
  • A payment method (credit card or bank account)

About corporate identity and this service.

Corporate Identity theft is a growing problem. One type of corporate identity theft happens when someone fraudulently adds their name to a state government registry of businesses and then applies for a loan, credit or a large purchase order in the name of the business.

Most states have an “open” filing policy when corporation information is registered or updated with the state. The open policy means that the state is not responsible for validating any of the information recorded about a business. This policy allows anyone to update any business. It is the responsibility of authorized filers to review filings to ensure protection against submissions by an unauthorized party. If you determine that a submission was not authorized, it is your responsibility to seek legal action to protect your status.

This service will provide a tool for businesses to be alerted when a change does happen, allowing them to take immediate action. For a $3.00 annual fee, you will be notified with an alert email within 24 hours after any information connected to your business filing is modified. You will also receive a monthly summary report even if no change has occurred.'s online Business Identity monitoring service operates through Access Idaho in conjunction with the Idaho Secretary of State's office.

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