Personal Assistant for Government

Gov2Go finds, reminds, tracks, and transacts. Based on user guided details, Gov2Go creates a personalized timeline of government tasks and sends due date reminders electronically.

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  • Seamless, accessible, secure, and simple to use
  • Complements existing online services, allowing your department to pursue other IT initiatives


  • An independent technology layer that resides atop existing IT silos
  • Built upon a strategic, device-neutral platform ready for the future


  • Helps citizens sort the who, what, and why of their government transactions
  • Personalized, relevant, comprehensive, and responsive

Who it's For

  • Citizens looking for a personalized, easy way to interact with government without confusion, stress, or worry
  • Government entities looking for a low-cost, low-risk solution to reach citizens by complementing existing services and solutions

Contact us to integrate your agency service into the Gov2Go app for Idahoans!