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Customizing Navy Veteran Plate


Navy Veteran
Navy Veteran
[Change Plate Style]

  1. Personalized plate text must be tasteful (in any language).
  2. Plate choice must contain at least one alpha character (letter) and have no punctuation. The letter 'O' and the number '0' look the same on a license plate. Therefore, your choice may not be available if the other character is already in use on an existing plate.
  3. Spaces are allowed anywhere in the plate choice but do consume available spacing.

Personalized Text:
(5 max



About the Plate Type


In addition to vehicle registration fees, this customized plate will cost $50.00 for the first year with a $30.00 renewal fee each year thereafter.

For vehicle registration, this plate type requires documentation of military service (copy of DD-214 or equivalent).

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