About Group Renewal

This application allows you to pay for a group of attorney's license renewals. You may also review and edit some of their renewal information.

Use the Individual Attorney License Renewal if you need to renew just one license.

Steps in the Process

  1. Sign up or log in. Start by setting up your profile and location(s).
  2. Optional: input your firm's locations, trust accounts and insurance accounts, and pre-fill for your attorneys.
  3. Invite your attorneys to renew online.
  4. Review your attorney's renewal applications.
  5. Pay for some or all of your attorneys when ready.

You will need

  • The passwords for the attorneys in your firm or group. (The online licensing password is printed on the attorneys' license fee notices under the attorney's name and below the ISB Membership Number.)
  • Your trust account and insurance account information.


Your initial login for the new license year may take longer than normal while the system builds your renewal list from the previous year.


* capitalization matters

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