January-March 2022 Newsletter

Access Press News:
First Quarter 2022

App Engine
A Success Story

App Engine is an application loaded with features geared to help solve all your needs.  App Engine is an online form builder capable of eliminating outdated paper forms and manual processes.  This allows you to speed up your “go to market” for all your online services. Whether you need to build a simple intake form or a custom application that takes payments, App Engine has the ability to simplify processes and make customer interaction more efficient and secure.

One of our best examples of how this application can work for you comes from the City of Rupert's Recreation Department.  The city wanted to take their outdated Google forms that citizens used to sign up for recreational sports and transform them into more interactive forms using App Engine.  This allows the city to gather all information from customers, as well as letting them pay for their sport.  It also allows companies to sign up to be sponsors, including uploading logo information.

The process to get started with App Engine is very easy: 

  • Our team meets with you to discuss your needs and the problem you’re trying to solve.
  • We gather any current forms you use and discuss all outcomes you may be expecting from the application.
  • Then, we build a form in our test environment for you to review and make any changes needed.
  • Once you are ready, you can send it out for customers to use.

For questions, more information, or examples, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.  We are happy to discuss what App Engine can do for you.

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Partner Spotlight
The City of Heyburn


The City of Heyburn has been using Access Idaho to process credit cards since 2013.  Their Clerk’s office uses our PayPort application to help customers pay their utility bills at the counter and online.  They were also the first city we were able to help use our adjusted receipt sizing, allowing the city to print their receipts from a thermal printer instead of using a regular 8x11 piece of paper. 

In 2017, the City of Heyburn started taking credit card payments for their RV park reservations. In 2021, they upgraded this process and began using App Engine for their reservations. This allows them to require a customer to upload a reservation code which is only given out by the RV camp host.  That way they know the camp host has reviewed the reservation with the customer and it keeps customers from double booking spots in the RV park. 

We are thrilled to be able to help the City of Heyburn with all their needs.  We are grateful for their continued support and appreciate the confidence they put in our services.

Tips and Tricks

Getting an error message when trying to process a payment is frustrating for you and the customer.  The worst part can be not knowing why the card is being declined.  By clicking here, you can view a list of decline codes that may help you out.

Contact Access Idaho's Marketing team for any
questions – 208-332-0102 or marketing@accessidaho.org.