2nd Quarter 2020 Newsletter

Access Idaho and COVID-19
We are here to support you!


Even though the Access Idaho staff is still working from home, we are available to help with any questions you have. 
The fastest way to get in touch with us is through email.  Our general email is  webmaster@accessidaho.org.
If you would like to email one of us directly you can reach out to
Rich Steckler - rich@accessidaho.org
Leslie Vitagliano - leslie@accessidaho.org.

You can also call and leave a voicemail. We can be reached at 208-332-0102.  Even though you are leaving a message, your call will be returned ASAP.  We never leave any call unanswered. 

Thank you for your understanding. We hope you, your family and your colleagues stay healthy and safe.

 Customized Billing Reports

Why post your financials manually, when you can take care of the process automatically?

Access Idaho can email you an Excel file showing your deposit information and/or daily transactions each morning (or on a schedule that fits your needs).  We will customize the file in the format that’s compatible with your accounting software.  Files can be sent to one person or a group email so multiple people receive the information.  A growing number of government entities are taking advantage of customized reports. The report files are easy to set up, convenient to use and a big timesaver, especially if you process many transactions.

Interested? Just contact Rich or Leslie, and we can get you set up in no time.

We're Local, Just Like You

People frequent farmer’s markets because they want easy access to fresh foods grown locally, not thousands of miles away or in another country. They also prefer to support area farmers and keep their money closer to home.
While Access Idaho can’t be found at a farmer’s market, we do offer home-grown payment processing services delivered and supported by Idahoans, not out-of-state salespeople or call centers. Our team of 13 lives, works and plays in the Gem State—just like you. In fact, we’re the only payment processor vendor with a full-time office and staff in Idaho dedicated to your office and staff.
Additionally, revenue generated by Access Idaho is invested back into our services, as well as Idaho’s schools, communities, and businesses, with no cost to government entities or taxpayers. By using Access Idaho, you’re keeping things local, in more ways than one.

Does Access Idaho
Sell Your Information?

Absolutely not!  All information collected by Access Idaho is for your department’s processing purposes only.  We never sell or use customer information for marketing purposes.
We also do not store credit card numbers unless the customer has authorized us to do so in the applications that allow that.

Tips and Tricks

Deposit Amount Not What You Expected?
There’s a report for that!

“We received a deposit for the incorrect amount. Can you tell me why?” Sound familiar? If you ever have trouble reconciling reports against the actual amount disbursed to your bank account, we have a report that can help take the mystery out of balancing.  The Merchant Disbursement report in the NIC Payment Engine (you may call it TPE), will display the list of transactions and credits contained in a single deposit. Here are a few steps to help improve your reconciliation process:
  • Run daily report in PayPort, or an Order Detail report in NIC, so you know the amount you should expect to be deposited to your bank account (disbursements typically take 2 business days after the payment is collected)
  • Check your bank account to verify the disbursement is received and that it is for the expected amount
  • Run a Merchant Disbursement report in NIC to help explain any variations
Common reasons for variations:
  • Refund on a customer's charge
  • Returned payments due to a customer-initiated credit card dispute
  • Previously returned payments reversed and re-disbursed
If you’re interested in becoming more familiar with these reports, or would like access to NIC, we would be happy to provide information! Please contact us for a user guide or an over-the-phone training call.
About Access Idaho
Access Idaho is the administrator of Idaho's official
Web portal (idaho.gov) and provider of electronic government solutions for the state.
The network manager for the portal is
Idaho Information Consortium, a subsidiary
of digital government firm NIC.

Questions? Please contact Access Idaho to see how we can
assist you in 2020 and beyond.

Jeff Walker, General Manager | 208-332-0102 | jeff@accessidaho.org