1st Quarter 2019 Newsletter

PayPort Updates - January 2019

PayPort Over-the-Counter
  • Customer Information Section on PayPort Over-the-Counter is now above the credit card fields.
  • The Zip Code is now optional.  Please let us know if you would like to have it required.
    • PROCESSING TIP - Some banks may still require a Zip Code for a card to process.  If a credit card is declining, please try the Zip Code to see if that helps it go through.
PayPort Online
  • City and State fields now automatically populate when a zip code is entered.
  • The Phone Number field now validates proper formatting.
  • Payment Type and Payment Information sections are now consolidated in a single section labeled Payment Information.
  • Credit card type is automatically selected after the credit card number is entered.
PayPort Over-the-Counter and Online
We are now allowed to put the credit card fee percentage on your receipts.  Let us know if you would like us to update your receipt verbiage to include your service fee.
Call Rich or Leslie at 208-332-0102 if you have any questions.