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Food Establishment License Renewal

About this payment

If ownership has changed, you must reapply for a new license. Licenses are non-transferable from one owner to another.

Payment Amount: *
Found on upper right of renewal letter.
Permit/License Number: *
Found on license upper right corner or right side of renewal letter.
Food Establishment Name (DBA): *
Food Establishment Address: *
Address 2
Food Establishment Phone Number: *
Please include area code and format like (xxx)xxx-xxxx
Ownership Name (LLC, Inc.): *
Ownership Mailing Address: *
Address 2
Ownership Phone Number: *
Please include area code and format like (xxx)xxx-xxxx
Electronic Signature: *
By typing my name below as the applicant agent I hereby (1) affirm that all requested information has been provided and is correct to the best of my knowledge. (2) Request that a license be issued to the applicant to operate this establishment, and (3) understand that the license is non-transferable to another person or location and is the property of the issuing agency and may be revoked for failure to maintain compliance with health regulations, codes, ordinances, and statutes.

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