The Self-funded Model

The Beauty of Idaho's Self-funded Model

  • Modest fees are applied to some services. These fees cover the cost of building, maintaining, and expanding the digital government platform at NO COST to the government or use of tax dollars
  • Fees create a sustainable funding stream to support long-term growth - a proven model in Idaho for 20 years
  • Funding from services supports enterprise-wide digital government expansion
  • Ongoing funding source is reinvested in building new services
  • Access Idaho is only paid when digital government services are used. Therefore, we have a built-in incentive to deploy beneficial services to citizens
  • An oversite committee made up of key state agency personnel sets the digital government strategy, established priorities and monitors fees
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No Tax Dollars Required

Modest service fees cover all operations costs.

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Flexible Approach

We customize every solution to meet each government entity's unique operating, financial and political needs.

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Exceptional Local Customer Service

Idaho customer support team, located blocks away from the capitol in Boise.

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Government-friendly Contracting

No RFP needed for new services and enhancements.