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Keyword Online Service Categories
Hunters Apply for a controlled hunt Fish and Hunt  
Scholarships Apply for a pell grant Job Training   College and University   Grants  
Building Permits Apply for an electrical, plumbing or HVAC permit Business   Permits   Professional License  
DOT Number Apply for an Idaho (intrastate) DOT Number Trucking  
IFTA Apply for an Idaho IFTA License Trucking Taxes  
Benefits Apply for benefit services Seniors   Assistance   Birth  
Unemployed Apply for dislocated worker services Job Training   Unemployment and Compensation  
College Financial Aid Apply for federal student aid Education   Job Training   Taxes and Money   College and University  
Physicians Apply for physician licensure in any state Professional License  
Purchasing Bid, see results, receive purchase orders & contracts online. Government  
Historical photos Browse online archival photos and materials. History   About Idaho  
Car Accident may be paid for using a subscription Buy a crash report Driving  
Gifts Buy online at the Capitol Gift Shop About Idaho   Facts and Symbols  
Taxes Change your sales, sales-related, income tax withholding, or IFTA account information. Business Taxes   Business  
Voters Check if you are registered to vote Elections   Government  
Voters Check if your absentee ballot was received Elections   Government  
Driving Status Check status of your driver's license (free) License and Vehicle  
Road Conditions Check the road report - 511 Driving   Maps and Roads  
State Officials Contact an elected official Directory   Government  
Emergency kit Disaster preparedness kit supply list Disaster and Homeland Security  
Family Law Download a family law packet (not for 4th judicial district) Divorce  
Legal help Download an interactive legal form (for 4th district - Ada) Divorce  
Consumers Download consumer educational and legal manuals Consumer Protection  
Parcel data Download land parcel or cadastral data from Idaho counties Cities   Counties   Maps and Roads   Maps  
Driving Records - Group for subscribers only Employ drivers? Stay on top of suspensions, expirations with Driver Record Dashboard. Trucking   Law and Public Safety   Running a Business  
mobile payments Enable your agency/county/city to take payments with an Android phone. Government  
Property Taxes Estimate your property taxes Personal Taxes & Finance   Counties  
History Explore Idaho's Historical Timeline History  
Consumers File a complaint against an insurance company or agent Consumer Protection   Law and Public Safety  
Consumers File a consumer complaint Taxes and Money  
Consumer Complaint File a consumer complaint Consumer Protection  
Discrimination File a discrimination complaint Employee Rights and Law  
Employee Rights File an unpaid wages claim Employee Rights and Law  
UCR File and pay for your Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) registration Trucking  
Sales & Use File and pay Idaho sales and use tax Business Taxes   Business  
collection agents File collection agency reports Permits   Professional License  
Unemployment File for unemployment benefits Jobs   Unemployment and Compensation  
Taxes File taxes online Business   Personal Taxes & Finance   Taxes and Money  
UCC Liens may be paid for using a subscription File UCC liens Business   Uniform Commercial Code UCC   Running a Business  
Trucking File your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) Trucking Taxes  
Hunt File your hunter reports Fish and Hunt  
IFTA File Your IFTA Return (Free!) Trucking Taxes  
Legal Help Find a lawyer by type and city Death   Judicial and Legal   Divorce  
Libraries Find a library Education   Libraries  
Outfitters Find a licensed outfitter by activity Outdoor Recreation   Sports   Fish and Hunt  
Notary Find a notary by name, city or commission number Death   Business   Family and Records  
State Directory Find a state agency Directory   Government  
State Employee Directory Find a state employee Directory   Government  
Legislature Find an Idaho Law Laws and Rules   Judicial and Legal  
Insurance Agents Find an insurance agency, agent or company Verify a professional  
Activities Find fun activities for families in Idaho About Idaho   Recreation   Just for Kids  
Outdoor Recreation Find Idaho trails Outdoor Recreation   Maps and Roads  
Benefits Find out about government benefits you qualify for Assistance  
Schools Find short videos for every school subject Education   Libraries   Just for Kids  
Life Insurance Find the current company responsible for an older life insurance policy Family and Records   Law and Public Safety  
Events Find things to do by event type, location or month. About Idaho   Recreation  
Unclaimed Property Find unclaimed property or money Taxes and Money   Unclaimed and Lottery  
Business regulations Find which regulatory requirements apply to your business Starting a Business   Business  
Counties Find your county About Idaho   Marriage  
Voters Find your polling place to vote Elections   Government  
Sales Permit Get a Temporary Seller's Permit Business Taxes   Business   Registration and Permits   Running a Business  
Job Training Log into the Career Information System Job Training  
Lottery Look up the latest winning lottery numbers Unclaimed and Lottery  
Unit Search Look up your current and pending commercial vehicle registrations. Trucking  
Hazmat Look up your hazmat endorsements Trucking  
Agriculture Make a payment to the Department of Agriculture Agriculture  
Businesses Monitor a business; protect your identity from fraud. Business   Registration and Permits   Running a Business  
Event Promoters Obtain ST-124s (for promoters who sponsor events) Business   Running a Business  
Birth Certificate Order a copy of a birth certificate. Death   Children   Family and Records   Marriage   Divorce   Birth  
Death Certificate Order a copy of a death certificate. Death   Family and Records  
Marriage certificate Order a copy of a marriage certificate. Family and Records   Marriage  
Visiting Order a free map, guide or brochure Driving   About Idaho   Facts and Symbols   Maps and Roads  
IFTA Order Additional IFTA Decals Trucking Taxes  
Consumer Protection Order free annual credit reports Consumer Protection  
Nutrition Order free nutrition materials from the United Dairymen of Idaho Agriculture   Health  
Overlegal may be paid for using a subscription Order new annual overlegal permits Trucking  
PBS DVDs Order PBS materials About Idaho  
Souvenir or Sample Plates Order souvenir plates. Driving   License and Vehicle  
Temporary Weight Increase may be paid for using a subscription Order temporary increased registered weight permits (commercial vehicle) Trucking  
Temporary Trip may be paid for using a subscription Order temporary trip permits Trucking  
Child Support Pay child support Children   Taxes and Money   Family and Records  
Driving Reinstatement may be paid for using a subscription Pay driver's license reinstatement fees Driving   License and Vehicle   Trucking  
Taxes Pay income tax withholding Business   Personal Taxes & Finance   Taxes and Money  
Property Taxes Pay property taxes by county Personal Taxes & Finance   Taxes and Money  
Crime Victims Pay restitution to the crime victims compensation program Offenders and Crime   Judicial and Legal   Law and Public Safety  
Taxes Pay taxes online (options) Business   Personal Taxes & Finance   Taxes and Money  
Worker's Compensation Pay workers' compensation employer compliance penalties Business   Running a Business  
Employers Post and manage job listings Business   Jobs   Running a Business  
Children Print a kid-friendly brochure about Idaho About Idaho   Facts and Symbols  
Living Will Print a living will & durable power of attorney for health care form Death  
Park Sticker Purchase a State Parks passport Parks and Camping  
Recreation Purchase an invasive species sticker for your boat Register Recreational Vehicle  
Fish and Game Purchase hunting or fishing tags, permits and licenses Recreation   Fish and Hunt  
Cross Country Skiing & Showshoeing Purchase Park N' Ski permit Register Recreational Vehicle  
Personalized license plates Purchase personalized license plates. Driving   License and Vehicle  
Hazmat may be paid for using a subscription Purchase your Hazmat Endorsements Trucking  
Businesses Register a trademark in Idaho Business  
Legislation Register as a lobbyist with Secretary of State Business   Registration and Permits  
Telemarketing Register for the No Call list Consumer Protection   Law and Public Safety  
Employment Register for work in Idaho Find a Job   Jobs   Moving  
Business Registration Register with multiple state agencies at one place. Starting a Business   Business  
National Next of Kin Registry Register your emergency contacts & medical info at NOKR Medical   Family and Records  
Professionals Renew a professional license Business   Jobs   Moving  
Accountants Renew your accountant license Professional License  
Accounting Firms Renew your accounting firm registration Business   Registration and Permits  
Attorneys Renew your attorney license Professional License  
Barbers Renew your barber license Professional License  
Recreational Vehicles Renew your boat, snowmobile or off-highway vehicle (ATV) registration Recreation   Register Recreational Vehicle  
Real Estate Renew your Broker or Salesperson license Professional License  
Chiropractors Renew your chiropractor license Professional License  
Contractors Renew your contractor license Professional License  
Cosmetologists Renew your cosmetology license Professional License  
Counselors and Therapists Renew your counselor or therapist license Professional License  
Denturists Renew your denturist license Professional License  
Water Renew your drinking water and wastewater license Professional License  
Driving Instructors Renew your driving education business license Professional License  
Full Fee may be paid for using a subscription Renew your full fee registration Trucking   Registration and Permits  
Geologists Renew your geologist license Professional License  
Outfitters and Guides Renew your guide license Professional License  
Audiologists Renew your hearing aid dealer and fitters license Professional License  
IFTA Renew Your IFTA License Trucking Taxes  
Insurance Renew your insurance producer license Professional License  
Landscape Architects Renew your landscape architect license Professional License  
Fish and Game Renew your Lifetime hunting or fishing license Fish and Hunt  
LPG Dealers Renew your liquefied petroleum gas dealer license Professional License  
Morticians Renew your mortician license Professional License  
DMV - Vehicle Registration Renew your motor vehicle registration Driving   Counties   License and Vehicle  
Nursing Home Renew your nursing home administrator license Professional License  
Nurses Renew your nursing license Professional License  
Occupational Therapists Renew your occupational therapy license Professional License  
Optometrist Renew your optometry license Professional License  
Outfitters & Guides Renew your outfitter or guide license Professional License  
Overlegal may be paid for using a subscription Renew your overlegal permit Trucking  
Pharmacy Renew your pharmacist, facility or controlled substance license Professional License  
Physical Therapists Renew your physical therapy license Professional License  
Podiatrists Renew your podiatry license Professional License  
engineer / land surveyor Renew your professional engineering or land surveyor license/certification. Professional License  
Psychologists Renew your psychologist license Professional License  
Appraisers Renew your real estate appraiser license Professional License  
Residential Care Renew your residential care facility administrator license Professional License  
Shorthand Reporter Renew your shorthand reporter license Professional License  
Social Worker Renew your social worker license Professional License  
Speech and Audiology Renew your speech and audiology license Professional License  
Tobacco Renew your tobacco permit Business   Registration and Permits  
Veterinary Renew your veterinary-related license or certification Professional License  
Assistance Fraud Report a participant or welfare provider fraudulently receiving benefits Assistance   Family and Records   Health  
Hazmat Report hazardous material Disaster and Homeland Security  
Unemployment Report unemployment fraud Unemployment and Compensation  
UI Taxes Report wages, pay & file quarterly unemployment insurance taxes Business Taxes   Business  
Voters Request an absentee ballot Elections   Government  
Tax Expert Request expert tax speaker for your meeting/event Business Taxes   Personal Taxes & Finance   Taxes and Money  
Schools Research Idaho school performance K-12  
State Finances Research state revenue, budget and spending State Finances  
Camping Reserve a National Park (or other) campsite in Idaho Parks and Camping  
Camping Reservations Reserve a state campsite, cabin or yurt Recreation   Parks and Camping  
POST Tuition Schedule Peace Officer tuition payments Job Training   Professional License  
Certified Family Homes Schedule recurring CFH (Certified Family Homes) payments Assistance   Family and Records   Health  
Motor Vehicle Records Search / purchase motor vehicle record (MVR) titles or registration histories [citizens & businesses] Driving   Business  
Motor Vehicle Records for subscribers only Search / purchase motor vehicle record (MVR) titles or registration histories [subscribers] Driving   Business   Trucking  
Rules Search Administrative Rules Laws and Rules  
Attorneys Search attorney roster Judicial and Legal  
Court Records Search civil and criminal trial court cases Offenders and Crime   Judicial   Judicial and Legal  
Crimes Search crime database Offenders and Crime  
Court Records Search federal appellate, district and bankruptcy courts Judicial and Legal  
Businesses may be paid for using a subscription Search for a business entity. Purchase a certificate of existence. Business   Registration and Permits  
Property Search Search for business property to purchase or lease Starting a Business   Business   Running a Business  
Recipes Search Idaho® potato recipes About Idaho   Facts and Symbols  
Employment Search jobs in Idaho Find a Job   Jobs   Moving  
Businesses may be paid for using a subscription Search liens filed with UCC division Business   Uniform Commercial Code UCC  
Research Search reference books and publications Education   Libraries  
Library Search reference books and publications Libraries  
Employment Search state government jobs Find a Job   Jobs   Moving  
CareLine Search the 2-1-1 CareLine database for health and human services Seniors   Directory   Children   Assistance   Family and Records   Health  
Offender Search Search the Department of Correction offender database Offenders and Crime   Law and Public Safety  
Health Care Search the IDACare database Medical   Health  
Driving Records for subscribers only Search the Idaho driver's license database. (Must meet eligibility criteria.) Driving   Business   Trucking  
Sex Offender Search the Idaho sex offender registry Offenders and Crime   Law and Public Safety  
Sex Offender Search the national sex offender registry Offenders and Crime  
Businesses Search trademarks registered in Idaho Business  
Children's Activities Sing, read and follow along with storytimes Education   Just for Kids  
UCC Liens for subscribers only Subscribe to file UCC liens and amendments in bulk with XML Business   Uniform Commercial Code UCC  
Capitol Tour Tour the Idaho State Capitol online About Idaho   Facts and Symbols   Government   Capitol  
Legislative Track bills and receive email notifications Laws and Rules   Legislative  
Fuel Tank Operators Training and certification for fuel tank operators. Professional License  
Moving Update your address with DMV Driving   License and Vehicle   Moving  
Doctor or medical professional Verify a medically-related license Verify a professional   Seniors   Medical   Birth  
Real Estate Verify a real estate professional's license Verify a professional  
Accountants Verify an accountant's license status Verify a professional   Business  
Accounting Firms Verify an accounting firm's registration Verify a professional   Business  
Contractors & Builders Verify an electrical, plumbing, hvac, or public works contractor license Verify a professional   Business   Permits  
Occupational registrations for persons and facilities Verify licenses and registrations maintained by the Bureau of Occupational Licenses Verify a professional  
Crime View map of Idaho arrest activity Offenders and Crime  
Driving Records View your own driver's license record. Buy a printable copy Driving   License and Vehicle  
Seniors Volunteer to be a Senior Health Insurance Benefit Advisor Seniors   Family and Records  
Public Television Watch Idaho Public TV specials About Idaho   Facts and Symbols  
Videos Watch videos about exploring Idaho's outdoors About Idaho   Facts and Symbols   Recreation  
Federal Refund Where's my federal refund? Personal Taxes & Finance  
Taxes Where's my state refund? Personal Taxes & Finance  

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