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Working with Access Idaho

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What happens after our application is launched?

Closing the Project
After the application has been built and deployed, the project will offically close, and the new application will move into the general day-to-day operations of Access Idaho.

Point of Contact Change
During operations, the main point of contact will move from the Access Idaho Project Manager to the General Manager. Decisions about change requests and support will be made between the agency and the General Manager.

Change Requests
A change request covers anything that modifies the behavior of the application in production -- from defects to new functionality. Not all change requests are treated equally. Access Idaho prioritizes each request as it comes in, and makes a decision about how to proceed. This allows Access Idaho to best serve the entire state and to continue to provide new services and applications for other state agencies.

Change requests generally fall into one of the following four categories:

  1. Defects Involving Data Loss
    While defects of this kind are extremely rare, anytime data is lost the problem receives highest priority and is addressed immediately.

  2. Applications Not Functioning As Designed
    These defects are prioritized based on how often the problem occurs, how many users are affected by the problem, and how deeply the problem affects the agency's daily business.

  3. Changes To Original Requirements
    While every effort is made to capture all the system requirements, sometimes a requirement is missed or not covered fully during the project. The application may not take into account certain scenarios that no one considered during requirements gathering. As with other change requests, these are prioritized and an Access Idaho staff member is assigned to address the problem.

  4. Requests For New Functionality
    As the agency's business needs change, changes to the application may be necessary. If the changes are small, they are generally addressed when a staff member is between other projects and has some time to concentrate on the problem.

    If the changes are larger, they may need to be treated as a new project, and the agency will need to be scheduled into the Access Idaho queue to have the new functionality implemented.

Quality Control and Changes
Before any changes are made to the production environment, Access Idaho goes through a formal cycle of design, development, testing, and approval. There are specific time windows during the week when new code can be released. This is to assure all of our statewide partners that all applications will continue to function as expected when changes to any part of the system are made.

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